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Pupil bloggers, here we come!!!

Right, Bradford Moor Bloggers and the wider world, we are taking our first steps into creating accounts for pupil bloggers and we need your help!

We want to set up pupils doing chapters of a story and people voting on what happens next. A bit like this:

Martin cautiously crept along the dense forest floor, listening intently as the birds sang in the distant treetops. But that was not what he was interested in. Oh no. What he desperately wanted to hear was the sound of voices. A muffled voice would do.

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Please choose what you think the next part of my story will be. If this is a success there will be Bradford Moor Bloggers doing this in no time! 🙂


It’s Snowing!!!

Write two sentences about the winter scene. Use a metaphor in one sentence and a similie in the other.
The two best sentences posted before Friday 2nd December 2011 will win a prize!!
So,no time to lose!! Have a go!!

Exercise in school 100 Word Challenge

You have 100 words to write a report about exercise in school. You might want to talk about after school clubs, P.E., breaktimes, Myra Shay cross country competitions, jogging club, Activ8 and/or any other ideas.

Remember to start with an introduction, write a paragraph for each idea and write a conclusion.



Improve my boring sentence!

Can you uplevel this sentence and make it more interesting:

The tortoise walked past the hare.

For example: Steadily plodding along, the wise old tortoise, who was nearly at the grand old age of eighty, overtook the dozing and complacent hare.

Try and think of a few sentences!