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Staff training day 21/12/11

On the last day before we broke up for Christmas we had a staff training day at Cedar Court Hotel. We  thought about the process of creativity and what we can do to promote creative thinking even more in school. Here are some excerpts from an afternoon activity we did, which involved working in teams to create an exact copy of an original piece. You should see skills such as co-operation, organisation and problem-solving. Can you spot any more skills? If you were at the training, what comments can you make on creativity / the activities we did?

teamwork and problem solving (mp3)

Year 4 Habitats DT project

Our Creative Curriculum topic this half-term is Habitats. In D.T. we will be developing our sewing skills by creating soft toys/cushions about animals in their habitats. Here is one I have done. It uses four different sewing stitches and there will be another one to finish it.

Can you find out which stitches I might have used?

I have 3 other ideas for animals in their habitats – a penguin in the South pole, a whale in the Ocean and an elephant on a grassy plain.

Can you think of any other animals in their habitat you could design and make?

Shape Poetry

Use this site to create an interesting Shape Poem. EXPORT it – then COPY “IMAGE URL” at bottom of page. Watch the YouTube video above for more details.

Write me a message below and PASTE IMAGE URL into massage.

Haroon Year 4 Serial Story Chapter 3

He¬† looked up and saw an old man Martin had bumped into an old man. Martin started to talk in a gentle voice and said “Oh sorry”, “Oh sir do you know the way to the beach?”

The old man replied “Go left then go straight.” But Martin could hardly hear what he was saying. Martin wandered deeper into the forest and got more and more tense.

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