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Quadblogging Week 3

Last week we had another great week of Quadblogging with our friends at Miriam Lord Primary School in Bradford. It was brilliant to be able to share in their excellent work and take a look at what happens in their school. Many children and teachers commented on their posts, so if you are one of those people, well done! You have represented our school well.

This week it is the turn of St’ Luke’s Primary School in Nottingham to be the focus school. You can find a link to their blog in the menu on the right hand side. Please keep up the brilliant comments, it will be another chance to see what great things happen in one of our partner schools.

How to write a good comment!

Here are five top tips for writing brilliant comments! Just saying ‘That’s good, keep it up’ is not very helpful.

Our comments can be improved by these tips:


1. Compliment the writer.

2. Add new information.

3. Make a connection with the writer.

4. End with a question.

5. Re-read your comment and check it!


Year 4 play

Have a look at this video, written and produced in their own time by a group of Year 4 children. Please leave a comment as we will be happy to hear your ideas. 🙂

This is part one, part two will follow shortly!


This is a reminder to all pupils commenting on our blog and other blogs to only use their first name and not to write their full name. You could write : cristiano 4h or cronaldo 4h but DON’T WRITE YOUR FULL NAME! If you do your comment will not be accepted.

If you are unsure of our blogging rules look at the Blog Safely link at the top of our Blog.

Quadblogging – week 2

What an amazing week of Quadblogging we have had! We have had lots of wonderful comments from children and teachers from our partner schools and even broke our record of pageviews in one day – now standing at 1703! Thanks to everybody who commented and contributed to making it such a successful week of blogging. Below are some examples of comments we had.

This week the focus school is Miriam Lord Primary School – you can find a link to their blog in the menu on the right. Please leave a comment on their site and remember to leave high quality feedback with positive ideas and reasons. You might want to ask a question to be answered. Also remember to write in full sentences with correct punctuation.

Examples of comments left for us last week:

Hi this school is awsome can we come to visit one day?

Sophie, St. Luke’s



I rushed to show our teachers your fantastic shape poems last night. We loved the use of photopeach too to allow us to see your brilliant poetry in greater detail! Callum in Y3 at St. Luke’s was keen to show Miss Brown how you can build your own wall. We are really enjoying looking at the high quality work of the children and teachers at Bradford Moor.

Mrs Dunn
Headteacher St. Luke’s



I think your Rainforest book is fantastic. Your attention to detail and pride in your work is clear to see. I particularly love the way you have presented it. I think I might have to ask our Digital Leaders to learn how to use this and then they can teach me!

Mrs Stones – Miriam Lord



I cant wait to blog on other schools work.

Alima – Bradford Moor