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lamborghini aventador top gear

The mind boggoling Lamborghini Aventador has over 200mph worth of power, a slick streamline body, a roaring  and raging engine and carbone fibre body.The  Lamborghini’s logo has a famous bull that faught with such spirit the matador spared it’s life! Murcielagao the last ever Lamborghini before the Aventador was recorded driving at 219mph then imagine how fast the aventador is. In the first episode of top gear in the 18th series Jeromy Clarkson raced trough a tunnel in Italy with blue fire coming out of the newely designed exhaust pipe.

Your challenge is to watch the video describ the Lamborghini aventador in 100 word and add info about hte Aventador and don’t copie  and paste from the internet, or we will know about it. You can use mine as an idea but do not I repeat do NOT copie and paste my description otherwise it will not be approved. Looking forward to reading the posts.

Ferrari first ever 4 wheel drive car

Ferrari launched their first ever 4 wheel drive car and here it is.


Now your challenge is  to find out as much as possible about this ferrari.

If you want to see it in action watch it here.

Copy this link into the adress bar at the top until I add one from youtube and then you can watch it whenever from 27th of feburary at 12:45 in a new post. 



Car blog

Welcome to the brand new car blog written by our very own Hashim in Year 4. He will be writing from now on about everything related to cars!

Can you find out exactly which make and model of car this is? Also, what would you like to read about in the Cars section? Let us know your ideas, we are dying to hear them!

Mr Hayslop and from here on, Hashim!

Bradford 10k Run on 25th March 2012

Hi Evgeryone,

Many of your teachers are busy training for the Bradford 10km which takes place on 25th March 2012.
Please offer kind words of support for all involved and if you would like to send in some money to sponsor us all then that would be great too!!
All proceeds goes to Cancer Research UK in memory of Mr. Duxbury.
Here is a map of where we will be running!!!

New blogging display in hall

This half term it is the turn of ICT to take centre stage on the hall display, and what better topic to do than…blogging! Here is our new display hot off the press, which will be up for the next six weeks. We are proud to show some of the children who have featured on our ‘Well Done  Blog’. We also celebrate our links with the three other fabulous schools who are our partners in Quadblogging. The ‘Our Hits’ section shows where our visitors have come from – it is really impressive. We want even more places added though! The sky’s the limit…

What do you think of our display? What has blogging brought to our school?