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Olympic 2012

The Olympics is  close up 27 days left.The athletes must be training really hard.

Here’s a website i found about the Olympics,

you can have a look around the website.Anyway here is a video of Usian bolt running.

here is what the rings represent  Blue =Europe Yellow Asia Black= Africa  Green =Australia Red =America

here are the rings

also here is a picture of  Usain Bolt and Tom Daley also Jessica Ennis

Olympic Torch

Take a look at this proud Bradford Moor pupil who had the honour of holding the Olympic torch. Did any of you see the torch in Bradford?

What are you most looking forward to about the Olympics?

Spain v Portugal

Spain and Portugal are playing I think Spain is going to win I want them too.Ronaldo is playing really good he is desperate to score a brilliant goal.Ronaldo got fouled at 40 min something i think it should not be a yellow card because Ronaldo  was all over Pepe.


Year 3 School Tour

Below are the links for a selection of the videos you filmed today. You can download them over the next 7 days. The best film made, using Windows movie maker, will be posted here and you will win a prize!

Inside Vids

Outside Vids

Once you have made your video, you can export it (like Photostory) and upload the file to wikisend.

Simply leave me a comment with the url address of your video.

Football focus Euro 2012


Well Euro 2012 is well under way.

Germany and Portugal are both through to the quarter finals.

Can England go through?Before England’s opening game against France both Miss Hodgson and Miss Frogett said they hoped France would win. I stood up for England and predicted a 1 nil win for England. Should Miss Hodgson and Miss Frogett be rooting for England? Or is it alright to hope another team other than your home team wins? What do you think?

I think England did very well to come back from 2-1 down against Sweden. It was a terrific win. I loved Stephen Gerrard’s accurate lon-distance cross that was brilliantly headed in. What about super-sub Theo Walcott? His pace changed the game and sealed England’s win.

However, are England Going to win the tournament?  The German side look very impressive: powerful, organised and hard working. What about Spain? They move and pass the ball with such acuuracy and skill. They look difficult to beat.

What do you think? Do England have a chance? Or who else? Tell us your thoughts and opinions

Mr Shaw



Tomorrow year 4 are going to Nell Bank in Ilkley  we all are very excited i know i am very very excited most people might be very excited for the mud trail.

Don’t forget to bring your sleeping bag if you have not got it also your bin bags only a few.

here is a video about other people in nell bank doing the residiantel,