Year 4 Friction

Take a look at this video of James May hitting top speed in a Bugatti Veyron.

How does the car use friction? How does resistance affect the car?

What would happen if there was no friction at all?

15 thoughts on “Year 4 Friction

  1. adil afzal

    dear bradford moor primary school to all the curious students and the hard working teachers

    hello my name is adil i am in year 7 i left this year hope everone is being and behaving them self hope all the teachers are having a good time too especially my favoraites ill mention a few 1.mrs kauser 2.mrs bi 3.mrs tazneen 4.mrs parveen head hope you are enjoying your self students you need to learn in order to help your self when you are in year 7 carry on working hard with espicially the subjects you like maybe maths english scince geography litreacy and french and all the other subjects hope you have fun!!!???
    remember i always remember you thankyou your sincerly adil…………

  2. asma4h

    The car uses friction by gripping onto the road.If there was no friction at all the car would not stop.

  3. saad4f

    friction slows stuff down like air resistance slows stuff that goes fast.

  4. zainab4f

    The car uses friction by the rubber wheels griping the road.By the car being curved the car can cut through the air.If you had no friction you would be in the air.

  5. FarhaanM 4F

    If there was no friction the tyres would spin around and around but likely we do have friction. the buggati is a streamline car it has curved edges at the side so the bugati can drive fast and air resistances won’t stop the car.

  6. Aisha4h

    The car uses friction to grip the flore.The air effects the speed to make the car go faster.

  7. yasinkhan4H

    If there was no friction the bugatti veyron it wouldn’tbe able to move.

  8. Kaif 4F

    The uses friction with the tyers griping the ground.

    The resistance afects the car when it is curved.

    If there was no friction at all the car would slip and slide all over the place.

  9. safiyan4f

    The car use friction when the tryes grip the road to drive the car. Air resistance stops the car from going anywhere but if the is stremlined it will go through the air resistance.The will not move the car will just stay.

  10. amman4f

    The car uses friction when the tyres grip the road to drive.Air resistance stops the car from going forward but if it is straemlined it can cut through air resistance.If there wasnt any friction the car would stay in one place.

  11. Ihtisham4H

    I like this video because it has the fastest car in the world, and beacause it is my favourite car.

  12. Reyan Malik

    If there was no friction the car wont move and the tires will skid and if it moved it would never stop.Resistance stops the car from going fast.

  13. Kaif 4F

    James may uses friction with the grip of the tyers.

    The buggati veron is curved so it cuts threw the wind.

    If there was no friction at all the car would slip and slide about.

  14. Hasan4f

    If there was no friction at all the buggati will go so fast and the wheels will not grip the road so thats why you need friction

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