100 word challenge – Stories from other cultures

You have 100 words to write a paragraph, maybe an opening paragraph or two based on this picture.

Think about where the story is set.

What is happening?

Who are the main characters?

What problem do they have?

Remember to write in full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Also remember to use connectives like we have done this week. Can you use interesting adjectives and adverbs?

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9 thoughts on “100 word challenge – Stories from other cultures

  1. aisha 4h

    One sunny morning Neville was going to work but he had to ride down a bumpy street with pebbles around, all of a sudden his bike started to vibrate. He thought, how an earth am I going to get to work at his supermarket job. Then a brilliant idea came to him, he would search for a taxi. Just then one came when he got inside the taxi it was burning hot like an oven. As soon as he got to work everybody said where have .you been the manager gave Neville a chance and he did not fire him.

  2. Zainab 4H

    One sunny morning Jack was going fishing on his bike. As he got to the river he saw two men sitting by the river, one of them called Jack to him and handed him slim big fish and.
    Said give this to your mum

  3. asma4h

    One bright sunny morning a young man was cycling to the beach to catch a few fish for his evening supper but all of a sudden he realized that the beach was closed. Just then he had remembered that his uncle was a fisherman and he would have had lots of fish in his house, so he rode swiftly along the path and fled away. When he got there his uncle was cooking some fish on the stove .He greeted him excitedly as soon as he got into the room, unexpectedly his parents were sat at the dining table already.

  4. yousaf

    Oncea boy called bully, who was no more than 23 years old. He always goes to collect fishes. Suddenly, he went and he caught not even a single fish. This had never happend.”Strange,” he thought to himself. Therefore he went back to his cottage.
    The next hot day, he went back there on his dusty old bike. Again, he tried, but still he did not find a fish. This time he did not go to his cottage. He rather stayed and went inside the river. He drowned accidently. In a blink of a eye the fish and bully died.

  5. Adam and Huzaifah

    It was one bright sunny morning and Jake was riding his rusty old bike. He was heading towards Duns River and he saw a medium sized gold fish. Swimming throw the gentle water.

  6. maleehah4h

    It was a hot bright sunny morning, when a boy called Lenox who was riding his huge rusty blue bike. He was travelling to his friend s house to meet him because his mum had a new born baby girl. Her name was safa . Lenox and Jake went fishing together on there bikes to get there family some food for dinner.

  7. Ihtisham

    One sunny day there was a man named Harry. The streets were dead. He was riding his big old dusty blue bike. He was making his way to the river to go fishing after he was at the wavy river. He just started to fish when a stranger grabbed him and took him to some boys who where going to beat him up.

  8. yasin

    One day in a hot scorching morning the birds were tweeting and the streets were dead. There was a boy named tony he rode his bike every morning. Once he saw a big mountain full of black molten rocks. A few minutes later the boy thought of climbing up the hill and cycling down really fast. So he started climbing up the mountain. It took him several hours to get up the mass and ride down the steep hill, after a few ticks he flew straight down the hill whilst his mother and his friend were calling him. Yasin

  9. Reyan Malik

    It was a sunny day when there was a boy called Jack who was riding his very dusty bicycle as he was going to the famouse river called Black river to catch some fish.When he caught one he was amazed wow he thought to himself as he had caught a whopper.He took it home and ate half of it and the other half he sold.That night when he went asleep he dreamt that he was with that fish and he saw the beutiful river.When he woke up he was surprised as that fish was with him. “well that’s a wish.”

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