Merry Christmas!!!!!!!Everyone

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year hope everyone is having great holiday.,And i hope you get lots and lots of presents.Because its Christmas i will put some Christmas songs on.

this is jingle bells

this is deck the halls

this is all i want for Christmas

have a merry christma.



Our Eden Camp photostories – Mr Hayslop’s class

Here are the finished photostories of our trip to Eden Camp. We used a lot of ICT skills to put them together!

Eden camp Reyan from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

Eden camp luqmaan and maleehah from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

Ihtisham and Hassan from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

yasin and armaan from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

yousaf eden camp pictures1 from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

adam and zain from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

Ameera edan camp from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

amarah from Ian Hayslop on Vimeo.

100 word challenge – Stories from other cultures

You have 100 words to write a paragraph, maybe an opening paragraph or two based on this picture.

Think about where the story is set.

What is happening?

Who are the main characters?

What problem do they have?

Remember to write in full sentences with capital letters and full stops. Also remember to use connectives like we have done this week. Can you use interesting adjectives and adverbs?

Image from

4H connectives sentences based on The Crab Man

Year 4 have been busy working on connectives to join two sentences and to make their writing more interesting. Have a listen to these children reading their best sentences out and please leave a comment on their work!


Y5 Victorians

In year 5 we are learning about Victorians we played a gruesome game which involved Victorian food .We had to have Gruel(A porridge which,  they  had  if they were orphans,poor and if you worked. The porridge included wheat and warm water.Also we watched Oliver twist he was a orphan here is a picture of him beneath.


  • There were no cars. People either walked, travelled by boat or train or used coach horses to move from place to place.
  • At the start of the 19th century very few children went to school. Most poor children worked. If they went to school, their families lost the money they earned.
  • Poor children  and their family all had to work in the factory just to earn money for their clothes food.
  • Also, poor children didn’t have a school to go to so they had to go off and work in factories.
  • Every rich child went to school but not the girls they were home schooled so a professor had to go and teach them at their own house.They did not have to work in factories because they already had the money.
  • Factories were  dangerous especially the spinning machinery  .Some children got injured maybe sometimes killed.


Watch this musical on Oliver Twist!!



Year 4 Friction

Take a look at this video of James May hitting top speed in a Bugatti Veyron.

How does the car use friction? How does resistance affect the car?

What would happen if there was no friction at all?