Year 3 French Greetings

Year 3 have been busy learning how to greet each other in French. Have a listen and tell us what you think!


Summer Holidays!

Welcome back to Bradford Moor!  We hope you have had a  fantastic Summer holiday and we are very excited about you joining us in Year 2. Can you tell us what you have been up to during the holidays?

Story Lab, the summer reading scheme.

Remember hearing about the summary library scheme, Story Lab?

Here are the details that explain the summer reading challenge, for the children to join the library or to visit the library and read at least 6 books over the summer. There’s lots of stickers, bookmarks and wristbands to collect as they revisit the library throughout the summer weeks.
Please let me know when you have joined Story Lab and what books you have enjoyed reading, I would love to hear from you over the summer, by posting a comment.

The summer reading challenge is a national scheme to encourage
primary age children to continue to read throughout the summer
holidays. The theme this year is Story Lab and is part of the Cultural

All our libraries will be involved in the summer reading challenge.
Every child who joins “Story Lab” will receive a Story Lab five-sided
hi-tech HQ on which to record details of books read during the
summer. There are also lots of stickers, bookmarks, door hangers,
wristbands and yo-yos to collect.

Every child who reads at least six books will receive a certificate and
their very own Olympic style medal. Fantastic to take back to school in September to impress your teachers!

Story Lab provides the opportunity to have lots of Olympic fun and all our libraries will have activities relating to the Olympics as well as stories and adventures from around the world.

Olympic Mascots!!

What mascots?  i don’t know about mascots?

Carry on and you’ll find out,

The main mascots for the Olympics are called Wenlock and Mandeville

Year 4 were making them with clay/plasticine we also decorated a sheet which had them on.




Olympic 2012

The Olympics is  close up 27 days left.The athletes must be training really hard.

Here’s a website i found about the Olympics,

you can have a look around the website.Anyway here is a video of Usian bolt running.

here is what the rings represent  Blue =Europe Yellow Asia Black= Africa  Green =Australia Red =America

here are the rings

also here is a picture of  Usain Bolt and Tom Daley also Jessica Ennis

Olympic Torch

Take a look at this proud Bradford Moor pupil who had the honour of holding the Olympic torch. Did any of you see the torch in Bradford?

What are you most looking forward to about the Olympics?

Spain v Portugal

Spain and Portugal are playing I think Spain is going to win I want them too.Ronaldo is playing really good he is desperate to score a brilliant goal.Ronaldo got fouled at 40 min something i think it should not be a yellow card because Ronaldo  was all over Pepe.