Educational Visits and Extracurricular Clubs

Educational Visits


The staffing ratio is based on the guidance from the Local Authority, however we always look at the individual needs of the children in the class when deciding how many adults to send. All children and staff will wear high visibility jackets to ensure their safety.


The school follows the National Curriculum and to support this work, visits are arranged to museums and galleries, seaside and countryside to follow the history or geography National Curriculum.  It is very important that all children take part.  It is however, impossible for the school to fund these visits entirely without support and therefore we ask for a contribution from parents to help towards these events.  Further information on the school Charging and Remission Policy can be obtained from the Head Teacher.


Extra Curricular Clubs

At Bradford Moor we are able to offer a wide range if activities during lunchtimes and before and after school. There is a cost for some of the clubs and some are run on a voluntary basis, however children are expected to make a commitment to the activity and attend regularly.

During the last academic year activities have included: Urban Circus, Spelling, Football, Cricket, Art, Dance.

The school also runs booster clubs for our older pupils who have been targeted to get additional tuition to help them achieve their best by the end of Key Stage 2.