Our School Aims

At school we see all our children as important individuals in their own right and endeavour to value and encourage their talents. However we also recognise their role now and in the future as members of not only the school and local community but as citizens of our national and global communities.

1. To develop a sense of self-respect, confidence, self-discipline and a desire to learn.

2. To promote an environment that encourages the moral, spiritual, intellectual and physical development of the child.

3. To create both within the school, the community and society at large harmonious relationships in order to discourage prejudice and discrimination, in order to foster a respect for each other, and an understanding and tolerance of cultural and religious backgrounds.

4. To ensure all children have equal access to a broadly based progressive curriculum, regardless of gender, race and/or disability.

5. To help prepare children for their life in secondary school and further education.

6. To help prepare children for their adult life in what is likely to be a fast changing world.

7. To provide experiences to support attitudes, knowledge, skills and understanding as laid down within the National Curriculum, enabling each child to attain their full potential.

8. To provide a learning environment in which staff have high expectations in relation to standards achieved across the curriculum.

9. To teach and develop a wide range of skills in relation to individual talents and interest, which may be used within later life, both for work and leisure.

10. To see the Nursery and school as an important part of the community involving the child, staff, parents and governors in decisions about the children and the school community in general.

11. To appreciate human achievements and aspirations in all areas of learning and living.