Our Staff

All our staff are approachable and keen to help you and your child in school to keep safe and secure and learn whilst having fun and developing during their time with us.

 If you need to discuss any concerns, get advice or just say hello many of us are out an about in the morning and at home time.

 Here is a list of some of the key staff for your information:


 Leadership Team

Head Teacher                          Mrs Janet Relton

Deputy Head Teacher              Mr Michael Spalton (starts in April)

Curriculum Manager                 Mrs Jayne Morgan    (Temporary)

Assistant Head  Teacher          Mrs Milly Lynch (starts in April)

Business Manager                   Mrs Judith Wilkinson


Extended Leadership Team

SENCo                                  Vacancy advertised

UKS2 Manager                      Mr Ian Shaw

LKS2 Manager

KS1 Manager                         Mrs Heather Round (Temporary – covering Mrs Hanney)

EY’s Manager                        Mrs Madeline Tilley

ICT Manager                         Vacancy

P.E.  Co-ordinator                Mr Marshall Owen

Maths Co-ordinator               Mrs Rajbinder Kaur

Science Co-ordinator            Mr Manshah Ajaib