School meal times and snacks

School Meals

Our kitchen on the school site provides hot and cold school meals which are nutritionally balanced; Halal and vegetarian meals are included in the choices offered. The children can also choose to have packed lunches is they so wish, however these do need to be healthy and please do not include drinks as water is provided. The children all eat together in the main hall then spend time outside weather permitting in the newly equipped playground.  Caterers regularly meet with the school council to consult on the menus and gather feedback from the children to further improve the service. The current price of school meals can be obtained from the office. Children are expected to stay for dinners all half-term or sandwiches all half-term.

You may be eligible for Free School Meals, if you would like some advice and an application form please ask in confidence at the office for details.


School Milk and Fruit

Bradford Council provided free milk for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children (if on free school meals). The government provides free fruit for Nursery, Reception and key stage 1 children. School provides fruit for snack for children in key stage 2 at a cost of £7.50 per half-term which must be paid for in the first 2 weeks of half-term to secure the order.