Home and school

At Bradford Moor Primary School we value and appreciate the important role you have to play in supporting your child and developing a positive attitude to school and learning. We offer a wide range of opportunities for parents to actively participate in supporting their children in school.

These include:

  •  Open sessions – parents are invited into school to have a look around their child’s classroom and to see their work.
  • Parent/teacher consultations – this is an opportunity to find out how your child is doing in school. These take place in the Autumn and Spring terms.
  • Annual School Report- an interim report is sent home in the spring term and includes details of your child’s progress to date together with targets for the summer term for further progression.
  • Meet the Headteacher– These are held in the Autumn, parents by keystage are invited to meet the head teacher to share their ideas for the vision of the school in an informal manner.
  • School Newsletter – Each half-term a school newsletter is sent out to all parents including notices for upcoming events and a summary of events that have taken place that week.
  • Curriculum Workshops – These are organised on an ad-hoc basis linked to areas that we are focusing on in the School Development Plan.
  • Curriculum Booklets and Home Learning Suggestions – These are published termly on by each keystage to ensure the parents are kept fully informed.

Bradford Moor Primary School has a Home/School Agreement, which sets out the expectations and responsibilities from both the school’s point of view, and our families and children. By signing the agreement, you will be confirming your commitment to the partnership we share in your child’s education.

Please take a look at our school prospectus – a hard copy is available from the School Office on request.

Download the School Prospectus here:   School Prospectus 2012 to 2013

If you don’t have time to read it all please look in the information section where you can find key extracts.