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School Council Meeting.

Minutes  of the School Council Meeting held on Monday 5th March 2012 at 12:15 PM.

Present: Anas, Hannah, Shania, Habiba, Asqa, Haroon, Mrs Gatenby and Mrs F. Khan.

Clerk: Mrs Gatenby

Agenda Item 1 Fund Raising

At are last meeting we discusses the possibility of raising money by having a sports event and half of any monies raised would go to sports relief and the other half would go to cancer research.After discussions with managment it was decided that we would still do the sports event to raise money but monies raised would all be donated to cancer reaserch in memory of Mr Duxbury.

Agenda Item 2 Interview

We talked about questions we could put to possible applicants for the new Head Teacher’s post.The school councilers will be talking one of the quad blogging schools by using Skype.In particular the questions asked should have emphasis on teaching and learning stratigies.

Agenda Item 3 Suggestion Book

We looked at the suggestion book and saw that children throughout school were requesting more play equipment for outside.We also noted that children weren’t happy with the playground arrangments.It was also said that children weren’t happy with the playground arrangments.

Agenda Item 4 Complaints

Children on school council complained that they weren’t able to give feedback of meetings to their class.The minutes of the meetings will be provided to all concerened in future.

Agenda Item 5¬†¬† Chair’s Other Business

There being no other buisness the meeting ended at 12:45.

Date of next meeting

It was agreed to hold next meeting of the council on 19th March at 12:15.

The Chair thanked all those who attended the meeting.

School Council