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Year 4 Serial Story Part Five – Khizar

Martin was scared of the little men as he held a mutated sword as sharp as a needle. The men as he thought were gremlins said “oogoogagoo”. That meant feast the men were waiting for their leader.

Suddenly there was a saw’s noise trees collapsed the jungle people took martin to the beach and injected a dung beetle. The dung beetle was rather ugly he fainted the second time.

When Martin woke up there were calfornians, surrounded around the group.

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Sehar Year 4 Serial Story Part Four

Suddenly Martin fainted just below a twiggy tree. He was dreaming that he was back with his family then  they got separated he went to the forest. His hands and head was shaking with fright. He awoke and said out loud “you can’t separate us” “wake up” “wake up” some little men whispered. “He’s okay put back your swords” ordered one little man. “Who  are you” his hand was on his head beacause he was dizzy. “Weren’t little men extincd?” .The little man got out his sharp sword.

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Haroon Year 4 Serial Story Chapter 3

He  looked up and saw an old man Martin had bumped into an old man. Martin started to talk in a gentle voice and said “Oh sorry”, “Oh sir do you know the way to the beach?”

The old man replied “Go left then go straight.” But Martin could hardly hear what he was saying. Martin wandered deeper into the forest and got more and more tense.

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Ayesha Year 4 Serial Story Part Two

All he could hear was in the cold damp forest was the sound of his own heartbeat.As he walked through the  rustling leaves, in hope to find a human being. A twig behind him snapped, it gave him a such horrible  fright. As he walked on in fast pace, looked behind his back wondering if there was somthing there. As he tried to run out of the forest he bumped into somthing, which made him screem his lungs out!!!

by Ayesha Y4

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Pupil bloggers, here we come!!!

Right, Bradford Moor Bloggers and the wider world, we are taking our first steps into creating accounts for pupil bloggers and we need your help!

We want to set up pupils doing chapters of a story and people voting on what happens next. A bit like this:

Martin cautiously crept along the dense forest floor, listening intently as the birds sang in the distant treetops. But that was not what he was interested in. Oh no. What he desperately wanted to hear was the sound of voices. A muffled voice would do.

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Please choose what you think the next part of my story will be. If this is a success there will be Bradford Moor Bloggers doing this in no time! 🙂