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Nuestras respuestas y preguntas

It was amazing to watch the videos of our partner school in Lleida last week, and we also enjoyed making videos for them. Having watched their videos we answered some of their questions in English – what are favourite subjects are and what we want to be when we grow up. We also made a video of us speaking some more Spanish, this time our favourite colours. Can you find out what our favourite colous are?


Nuestro nuevo proyecto!

We are delighted to say that we are starting an English – Spanish project with a school in Vila-Sana, Lleida in Cataluña, Spain. Our Spanish club will record themselves in English and Spanish and our friends in Spain will do the same. We will find out lots about each other, see how our lives are similar and different and make new friends in a different country. To get the ball rolling we have recorded these videos – the first one is us introducing ourselves and the second one are some of our questions we would like to find out about our partner school in Lleida.

Our Spanish Club!

Our questions for the children at Vila-Sana

These are some of our friends in Spain

Here they have some questions for us:

You can find their blog with more videos of them introducing themselves and asking us questions by clicking here.

El futuro es brillante!

¡Cumpleaños feliz!

This week it is one of the boy’s from our Spanish Club’s birthday – Raja. We decided it would be a good idea to learn ‘Happy Birthday’ in Spanish and sing it to him. Here it is:

Some of the girls have been practising their Spanish in their own time and here is what they have come up with. I think you will agree, los resultados son impresionantes!

Here are some of the Spanish Club performing a Spanish playground game. You can see the video in the ‘Spanish’ category on the right.