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Great Britain and World Continents 150 Piece Jigsaw

Why not have a go yourself on the world map below. It’s only 50 pieces! Do you know what continent each colour represents?

Install Java if the Jigsaw below doesn’t load.

The Scale of the Universe

If you’re bored of playing games, surfing the internet n’ chillaxin, why not explore the universe? You can travel to the incredibly, minutely small but also out to the tremendously, enormously large. You might also like to click on a few items along the way and see what you can learn.

Have fun exploring and let me know what you have learnt!

Click here for the full screen version. It is definitely worth the little extra wait!

It takes a while to load but does work, just have a little patience!

Romans vs Celts

Below is a video of the epic battle between the Rotten Romans and the Cut Throat Celts.

The children used the video above as a stimulus to make their own Photo Story versions. Check them out!

Shape Poetry

Use this site to create an interesting Shape Poem. EXPORT it – then COPY “IMAGE URL” at bottom of page. Watch the YouTube video above for more details.

Write me a message below and PASTE IMAGE URL into massage.