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100 Word Challenge

Imagine you are spending a day in the North Pole. You might spend time with Inuits, talk to scientists, go on a wildlife trip, view the Aurora Borealis or other things you might think of.

You have 100 words to describe your day in the Arctic. Remember to use your best language!

Aurora Borealis image from Beverly & Pack on Flickr

Our first live video conference

Today Year 4 took part in the first ever Skype conversation between one of our classes and a class from a different school. We were lucky enough to share our work and ask and answer questions with a Year 5 class from St Augustine’s Junior School in Worksop, Nottingham. We have both done rainforest work so we discussed our knowledge and compared ideas. We also had time to ask each other about each school. It was an amazing experience and one we hope to be repeating across school soon. To be able to have a video-conference live with another class was a wonderful privilege from which we all gained tremendously.

Year 4 Serial Story Part Six – Amaan

Martin slowly opened his eyes not knowing where he was. The pirates that were once in the distance were now surrounding Martin. The Californians were nowhere to be seen.
Martin pretended to still be asleep. His heart was pumping so fast he thought it was about to pop out of his chest.
The pirates seemed to be arguing among themselves. Martin saw an opportunity so he ran as fast as his legs could carrie him into the gloomy forest.

Year 4 Rainforest information texts

Take a look at our wild and wonderful rainforest information texts. Carnivorous plants? Colour changing chameleons? Birds that decorate their homes with carpet? It’s all here!!!

Take a look and see what new and interesting facts you can learn!

Click here to see the brilliant book we made. Have a read and leave us a comment.

Also, you can listen to some sizzling sentences about birds of paradise. What are the four parts used?

bird of paradise sentences (mp3)

Year 4 Serial Story Part Five – Khizar

Martin was scared of the little men as he held a mutated sword as sharp as a needle. The men as he thought were gremlins said “oogoogagoo”. That meant feast the men were waiting for their leader.

Suddenly there was a saw’s noise trees collapsed the jungle people took martin to the beach and injected a dung beetle. The dung beetle was rather ugly he fainted the second time.

When Martin woke up there were calfornians, surrounded around the group.

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Sehar Year 4 Serial Story Part Four

Suddenly Martin fainted just below a twiggy tree. He was dreaming that he was back with his family then  they got separated he went to the forest. His hands and head was shaking with fright. He awoke and said out loud “you can’t separate us” “wake up” “wake up” some little men whispered. “He’s okay put back your swords” ordered one little man. “Who  are you” his hand was on his head beacause he was dizzy. “Weren’t little men extincd?” .The little man got out his sharp sword.

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